A graphic designer who is finicky about your brand


About Lisa

Graphic Design

Fat Cat Art Studio was founded in 2006 by Lisa Kindle. Since then, she has won several awards and been recognized for her outstanding design saavy, including the prestigious Addy Award. Her business has stood the test of time as a solo-entrepreneur by providing solid creative work for clients ranging from start-ups to corporations.


Lisa enjoys being in nature and sharing that photography. She also provides on-site photography and product photography for businesses, including solo-prenuers for their next marketing project, which can include logo design or graphic design solutions.

Art Soul Living & YourLAKEWALK

As an art-prenuer, Lisa has a vision to bring her art to her community and create connections. She wants to provide a space for self-discovery and peace through art-making. Art Soul Living and YourLAKEWALK are her two new brands. When she's not designing in the office, you will find Lisa out walking, photographing nature, creating art, teaching art workshops or being crafty in my new art room or spending time with her new hubby or family.