You Are What You Tweet

Did you know, that in Minnesota alone, 60% of people are using Facebook! That means about ONE BILLION people are online and are potential customers or users of your services. Now, how do you get their attention?

People WANT to interact and WILL do so if you provide content that is interesting, of value and provides something to them, even if it’s the simple common interest in cats, for example. Start and join conversations by providing content that adds value to the online discussion.

Ask yourself, how does my “brand” touch, effect, and help others.

Use this answer to focus your communication efforts to gain trust, reputation and a higher ranking in Google searches!

Here are some things most people find interesting:

• Reviews

• Testimonials about your biz

• Surveys

• Contest, give-aways

• Industry info

• Personal content

Start connecting online today using a couple of the following ideas:

• Ask your customers / fans what they like most about you
    POST: “I like _________ about “your name here.”
• Offer a prize or give-away
Take advantage of other social media networking sites, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and more. Feeding content from one site to another can be a useful way to appear more active and create new opportunities for people to interact with you or share your valuable content with their own audiences.
Remember, it’s more about TWEETING good, relevant information than it is about TOOTING your own horn.
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