Feeling overwhelmed with trying to create a successful graphic design strategy for your custom trade show booth? You are not alone. Even the most experienced marketing professionals  find themselves struggling to create the right collection of imagery that will command the crowds attention all while conveying the company message at a glance.

When you come to Fat Cat Art Studio, we will help you navigate the process of booth design from image to content placement.

Let’s consider a few strategies for creating graphic design on your trade show display:

NRA fron angleYour Key Differentiators: When beginning the creative process, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is your business truly about?
  • How do you stand apart from the competition and why?
  • Which product line and services should get the most attention when you are exhibiting?

By answering these key questions, you can form a strategy that is consistent and successfully highlights your company for the maximum return on investment.

Less is more: Remember that when you are at the trade show, it’s full of people bustling and buzzing around; most attendees will only spare a few seconds to check out your booth before moving on. Don’t squander those precious few seconds by making them read what you’re about. Instead, rely on strong imagery to show them what they need to know quickly.

Overcrowding is overwhelming: While you want strong images, too many images threaten a booth’s appeal. Many businesses cover their display with far too many images, making it hard to focus on the main message of a company. Choose a select few images that truly capture your company’s essence and place them strategically throughout the booth to ensure your stand remains neat and visually compelling at every event.

Stand out from the crowd: Knowing your competition is critical when selecting the right images and designing your booth. By monitoring and studying your competition, you can strategically position yourself to stand out from them. Understanding what works and what needs fine-tuning in your demographic allows you to bring a much higher rate of success to your efforts in the design campaign at the trade show event.

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