When it comes to a company logo, you are talking about the “face” of a company. A company logo will give the impression that you care about your business, and in turn, care about the things your business does. You take pride in everything about your company – from how it looks, which obviously translates to how it looks after its customers. It is an overall image of strength, quality and professionalism that starts the minute your clients are exposed to your business.

It is said that the average person sees at last 200 logos per day, more now with being online whether on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. To get noticed, a company needs to have something that is eye-catching, as well as gives at least a hint of what it is you do. Ask yourself, does your current logo do that? A good logo can’t salvage a bad business plan, eradicate poor customer service or poor pricing, but it can lend ‘instant’ credibility to your organization PDQ by creating a professional image that competes with the ‘big boys.’ Often that initial exposure is a nanosecond. Don’t you want to make it count?

Take the time now to consider how you stack up against your competition.

Consider filling out my Brand Assessment Form to see how you are doing. If you find that there are gaps in the strength of your logo, go ahead and fill out the Logo Questionnaire now and submit it to me online. I will get back to you within 3 business days to talk about getting your business noticed.

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