Brand development is all about creating an image that best represents what your company is about. The visual presentation of your brand is more than simply graphic design, it is a reflection of what your company is about. Whether you are presenting your brand through text, audio or video, you want the visual presentation to match up with the brand’s uniqueness, differentiation and values. For example, let’s say your brand is all about working with people on a personal level. If your communication is presented in a corporate, cold visual way, you will lose impact with your audience and prospective clients when they see an obvious conflict between what they see and what they get.

Your efforts to create a visual image that reflects who you are into a brand is one of the most important investments in terms of long term success and overall marketing initiatives. It is a long-term process that should be considered an investment in your success rather than an expense. The brand personality always dictates the look and tone of the branding direction.

From logo design or redesign, corporate identity design, collateral development to new product launches, Fat Cat Art Studio’s experience and knowledge in combination with creativity and forward thinking will help you redefine your brand and it’s positioning in the marketplace.

What to Expect from the Brand Development Process:

  • Strong visual brand design
  • Fresh and unique logo design
  • Developed corporate color palets
  • Standardized fonts for all communications
  • Defined look and feel
  • Branding standards
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