Have you dreamed of writing a best seller? Maybe you have and that is so exciting! Now all you need is a captivating cover design.

At Fat Cat Art Studio, we take this job very seriously. You may be thinking you can do it yourself. We know you are. We are familiar with the many temptations of self-publishing out there! This can only lead to one thing: your book cover design will look cheap and clustered; and the readers will think the same about your book. The so-called advantages might seem more for less. Don’t fall into this trap unless your book wants to stay on the shelf forever.

Whether you have concerns about time or cost, we can work with you to offer you more than one alternative and choose one that best fits your needs.

Contact Fat Cat Art Studio for all of your graphic design projects! Call 763-498-1282 or email me at info@fatcatartstudio.com.

Book Cover Designs

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