Experienced In-House Graphic Designer
When you work with Fat Cat Art Studio, you are hiring an experienced, In-House Graphic Designer who knows everything from the ground up. Lisa will work with you directly, however you prefer to work. Whether you want someone on the scene and directly in contact with your client or behind-the-scenes, it’s your call. Wherever you want or need a designer to jump in, Lisa is ready.  If you’re having trouble getting a project organized, she can also step in and help you define your needs in a creative brief, provide estimates for design as well as printing and propose a project schedule based on your needs. Every project is unique – give Lisa a call to talk about all the ways we can work on your terms.

Networking Partners
Fat Cat Art Studio depends on quality referral resources and networking partners. I believe in building business relationships that provide a wide variety of products and services. By collaborating with my clients and doing a great job on the leads I am given, I believe this leads to strong partnerships and new business.

Fat Cat Art Studio partners well with the following types of businesses:
• Authors
• Speakers
• Publishers
• Advertising Agencies
• Printers
• Web developers
• Copywriters
• Marketing Consultants
• PR Firms
• Signage Companies
• Trade Show Companies
• Social Media Specialists

Fat Cat Art Studio has been a BNI member in the past and is a current member of the local Chamber of Commerce, The River Heights Chamber of Commerce. Both organizations have been and continue to be great business resources and partners. The River Heights Chamber has been a wonderful addition to my business over the past three years. I actively participate by designing event marketing materials, attend training seminars and am an active Ambassador. It is a pleasure to welcome new and established businesses into the Chamber and the community.

Contact Fat Cat Art Studio for all of your graphic design projects! Call 763-498-1282 or email me at info@fatcatartstudio.com.

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