Confidence Compounds

Last week I got an invitation from a colleague and client of mine, Jill J. Johnson, to be her guest at the 16th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference at St. Catherine’s through the Leadership Institute. She would be the morning keynote speaker. You can learn more about Jill J. Johnson Owner and Founder of Johnson Consulting Services by going to her website, Jill is award-winning consultant who has impacted nearly $2.5 billion worth of business decisions. Proven track record of dealing with complex issues & getting results. Focuses on developing effective market-based strategies that are grounded in reality.


Over the weekend prior to the event, I connected with Jill and she expressed a desire to have something to leave behind with the hundreds of women attending the conference that would remind them and encourage them. After a short conversation, we came up with the idea of some little cards, almost the size of a business card that would have all her contact information and branding present, but also have an inspiration quote that came from her presentation and would be tied into it on-screen. A few days later, I was distributing her “Confidence Cards” to all the tables. There were five of them to choose from. (see below)

Confidence Card PromoThe response to the cards was great. Some women took all five, while some took the one that had the phrase that most resonated with them. You will see an offer here for the first 25 people to email her. They will receive a complimentary set of her cards.

I have worked with Jill on several projects and each time the results have been fantastic. I credit this in great part to her excellent communication skills and vibrant personality. The results come through HER VISION communicated through her brand, which is my top priority to understand and translate for my clients into great looking marketing pieces. I am happy to see that what I can do can support and enhance the brand she wants to communicate. Our success is tied together. I am happy to report that following this presentation, Jill has received wonderful feedback on the “Confidence Cards” and has secured at least two new speaking engagements for an International Conference to be held out in San Diego, CA and a college leadership speech.

This is what Jill has to say about working with me:

“Lisa is creative, with a fast eye for design….able to capture the essence of what we (the clients) are asking (my white paper, book cover for Paul, and these cards, etc), by being able to get to nearly the right design with the first concept is really something special. Lisa shows her real capacity to leverage what she hears and understands client needs (through image, impact, words) and then design to achieve it.”


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