5 Questions to Help You Define Your Brand

With a new year coming, it’s a good time to review your branding and brand strategies in order to reach your goals.

What goals do you want to achieve in 2013?

5 Questions to help you define your brand:

1. What are the 5 most relevant and compelling adjectives that describe your brand?

2. What would others say are your greatest strengths?

3. Do you know how your perceptions differ from your clients?

4. Can you clearly describe your target audience so that you can reach the people who will help you achieve your goals?

5. Do you belong to at least 2 social media networks, like LinkedIn or Facebook?

Did you know, your logo is not your brand? It is a visual representation of your business.

A brand is not a brand, and a business is not a business, until customers experience it. You have to set yourself apart from the pack and create a memorable experience. When you do, you inspire customer loyalty and triggers natural referrals.

Your Definition

You owe it to your business to define your brand.  As you answer these 5 questions, you will find that you’re not just defining your brand, you’re defining your business. Does your brand have definition?

Still have more questions or need help getting started on a logo design, developing your brand, taking your brand to the next level? Want something unique? Contact me at info@fatcatartstudio.com.

Thanks, Lisa

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