When it comes to a logo, you are talking about the “face” of a company. A logo will give the impression that you care about your business, and in turn, care about the things your business does.

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This is where your business takes root. Once you’ve got a smart logo designed, we will work on branding your business. It’s all about consistency with logo usage and messaging.

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Marketing & Advertising

When it comes to marketing and advertising, this is where we visually communicate all the integral aspects of advertising: branding, corporate identity, copywriting.

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Tradeshow Graphics

This is where smart design really makes a difference. You’ve only got a second to capture your audience’s attention. I can help you create professional, eye-catching graphics that get a second look.

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Shopping for a new, fresh logo design for your business?

front-shopping-logoAre you a start-up company or someone who has been in business for years? Changing ownership? Whatever the scenario, you know its time to think about a new logo?

There are a few key reasons you may be shopping for a new logo.

If you fall into one of these categories, you may want to think about a new design for your company:

1. Your logo doesn’t adapt well to modern media.

Ask yourself: Can the logo be sized up or down and still be readable? Does it look good in black and white? Can you derive an icon from it? Does it make an appealing button for a mobile app? If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be time for a new logo design.

2. Your logo doesn’t represent your current business.

Over time, most business evolve. It’s not uncommon for companies to start out with one product or service, then grow and diversify into something quite different. If your logo doesn’t reflect what you currently offer, it’s time for a rebranding.

3. Your logo was a do-it-yourself project.

If you created your logo or had a friend of family member create it, it may be time for a professional to step in.

4. Your logo isn’t as appealing as your competition’s.

If you’re not sure, compare your social media following to your competitors’. If they have more fans and followers, it may be time for a new design. Don’t underestimate the impact of good design.

5. Your logo is too complex.

The growing trend in logos has been towards simplification in design. Gradients and drop shadows are dated and difficult to translate across some mediums.

Aim to create a simple logo design that utilizes up to three colors with a flat matte look. One indicator that your logo is simple and effective is if it can be used in a transparent form as a background and still be recognizable.

Contact Fat Cat Art Studio for all of your graphic design projects! Call 763-498-1282 or email me at info@fatcatartstudio.com.

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Our Happy Clients

See what others have to say!

  • Working with Lisa, of Fat Cat Art Studio is truly a blessing of an experience.  Let's start with the basics. She is ridiculously talented and creative. But without her gracious spirit and insightful intuition, she'd be like all the other graphic artists of the world.  Her spirit and intuition are what set her apart. In a world of messages trying to be heard, Lisa is able to take yours and magnify it in creative ways to reach people you want.  Her images tell your story and bring it to life. I can't say enough about the work she's done for me on my book cover, "Untamed Devotions," but for editing business as well.  I count it as a blessing to know and to have worked with her.

    Shane Allen BurtonAuthor
  • Fat Cat Art Studio has helped Castle Building and Remodeling to elevate the quality and professionalism of advertising content delivered, which has translated into more phone calls and project leads. Spending the extra dollars on professional graphic design like Lisa provides was tough at first, but now is something I would never do without! Lisa is great to work with. She is a strong communicator, manager of deadlines, and best of all – she has great ideas. As a business to consumer company that has been growing over the past few years, I can definitely say that using Fat Cat Art Studio has contributed to the increase of our bottom line.

    Loren SchirberCastle Owner/ Business Manager
  • Lisa is a pleasure to work with and her creativity and talent showcase her graphic design capabilities. She is a powerhouse of originality. I can’t recommend using Lisa for graphic design work enough. She is the best in the business.

    Erik HaugExpedite Printing, Roseville
  • Lisa did an exceptional job of translating my conceptual ideas into a design that met my needs, represented my brand and was on budget! Lisa really listened to my ideas and helped draw out from me the most critical elements and then incorporated this into her design. She also coordinated all aspects of getting printing done and ensured that the final document was exactly what we were shooting for. Working with Lisa was a pleasure. I highly recommend her and I will work with her again.

    Jill JohnsonJohnson Consulting Services, Inc
  • I’ve worked with Lisa on a multitude of graphic design projects in the last year, and am so lucky to have her as a key designer for my agency. Lisa created the concept for AdSightsAdvertising.com, my company website. Her website design has received a significant amount of praise – even from several people at the website production company itself which reviews endless websites every day. Lisa is great at bringing new ideas to the table, and always has my best interest in mind. She is great at simplifying the project to bring clarity and focus to the task at hand which, in turn, creates clear and eye-catching designs. Finally, Lisa is someone I trust completely. I never have doubted that what she says in the way of an estimate or a design opinion is from the heart and will be honored. I strongly recommend any project or partnership with Lisa and Fat Cat Art Studio!

    Heather Johnson-BrownAdSights Advertising
  • The 3 words that come to mind when I reflect on my experience with Lisa Marek are: Committed – Enthusiastic – Creative. Lisa has the ability to take a project from ordinary to extraordinary and is engaged and excited from the onset to the finish. I look forward to working with Lisa in the future and continue to build on what we have started. Fat Cat Art Studio truly is the ideal solution to your artistic needs! Personable, High Integrity, Creative

    Kathy VargasMarketing Manager Waymouth Farms, Inc.
  • Lisa is a versatile professional who combines excellent design and photography skills with practical hands-on account management and production assistance. I have used both Lisa’s services and recommended her work and have never been disappointed. She provides creative solutions and high-quality work within the client’s budget. Great Results, Expert, Good Value

    Sarah DayDay One Business Services
  • Lisa always brings a fresh approach to every project. Her designs are bold and arresting. I love to brainstorm with her!

    Cynthia SowdenHomegrown Communications
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Graphic Design News

Our Graphic Design Work

The work of providing graphic design is more than a profession, it’s a way of life at Fat Cat Art Studio. We are intensely visual and artistically inspired by greats in multiple mediums, such as Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Warhol, and Yo-Yo-Ma.

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse

The goal of providing smart design originates from working in the corporate and business worlds to deliver design that communicates a clear message. It is more than information, it is a message about something specific that will evoke a response from the audience. Strong brands are built on smart design.

We can use shapes, colors, and fonts, on print design, websites and social media. We can use photography and animation. We can use billboards, walls or the faces of buildings. Heck, we could even use flags, blimps or smoke signals if we really want to.

An intelligent solution is what you find at Fat Cat Art Studio. It is through professional graphic design, visual thinking and problem-solving that you are able effectively communicate your message.

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